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Specializing in the small business peer to peer networking offered by Windows  XP, Vista, 7, 8

Key Benefits

bulletLow Cost
bulletFast Response
bulletFast Turnaround


    Service staff has completed A+ Certification which is a standardized testing procedure to measure the competence and ability of an individual to work with computer hardware and operating systems. If you want to set up a wireless network to share your broadband internet connection (Cable or DSL) as well as share information between your computers then call us to set up an appointment.
    We can provide a complete solution to set up your existing broadband connection, whether it be a DSL or Cable modem, to allow multiple PC's & Laptops to access the internet wirelessly. This will enable other internet users in the household to access the internet without having to bother someone who is already logged in. Also, this can be set up to share printers and or files between the computers eliminating the need to buy additional equipment.