Computer Information Technologies, LLC



    Thanks to all my customers! I appreciate your business and I hope you are enjoying your Desktop and/or laptop purchases. If you ever have any issues with your existing equipment feel free to call during business hours 11AM-7PM Monday-Saturday or email anytime!

   Also, please note that before coming to Computer Information Technologies, LLC you must call us at 502-231-1809 before coming. (No Walk-In's)

    As of March-1-2008 we are an authorized AVG reseller offering a full range of Virus protection to Business, Public Sector, and non-Profit organizations. AVG Antivirus is available for free to home users only so if you need a good low cost solution for your business then consider AVG.

October-13-2010 - If you purchased a computer from us in person then you were instructed on some of the internet threats that can cause harm to you and/or your computer system. There are many internet scams so be careful and never be in a hurry to click any boxes when then pop up on your screen. Here are some of the internet threats to be careful of.

     A) Beware of email attachments, especially ones with catchy subject titles. They could be a virus.
B) Be Wary or any offers from foreign countries, especially Nigeria which is the internet scam capital of the world.
C) If you download music from non legitimate sites beware of songs that do not play. If they do not play they are either corrupt or a virus. Do not perform any other action on the file other than deleting it.
D) If itís too good to be true, itís too good to be true. Ignore offers for free $400 gift cards, Free Xboxes, etc.
E) Donít get PHISHED. Anyone you do business with will not send you an email telling you that you have a problem and provide you with a link to their site. The site will look identical to who you do business with but it is fraudulent. Entering your personal information here will detrimental to you.
F) Beware of any boxes that pop up when you get redirected to a site you did not expect. Any message about a virus or spyware from a program other than what you have loaded on your system is fraudulent and should be avoided. If you Click on these messages you will put a hijacker on your computer with fake virus protection software trying to extort money from you. You will most likely need to bring the laptop in for reloading.
G) When spybot search & destroy tells you a webpage wants to make changes to your system it is best to DENY that option unless you are 100% sure you are at a safe and know site.
H) When using social network sites like Facebook or Myspace be careful when someone sends you a hyperlink as these may load a virus or hijacker onto your computer.
I) If you receive a telephone call from someone stating they are with a prominent company such as HP or Microsoft and that you have a virus just hang up. It is a scam in an attempt to gain remote access to your computer, copy important files to their system, and install malware.

January-1-2014 - We are now repairing LCD's and Digitizers for Apple Macbooks, Apple Ipads, and Apple Ipods . We offer a great customer price compared for this service as compared to other computer repair centers.

January-10-2014 - Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP in April of this year. Please feel free to call and discuss your computer options for upgrading your system or replacing it.